Yellowstone National Park

After spending about a week a Skook, Amy and I were ready to start our long cross country drive to PA. We first had to detour back to Reno to pick up the trailer we left there and then headed east with a small detour to Yellowstone National Park. We spend a week in the Tetons and Yellowstone during which we got to see nearly every kind of wildlife the area has to offer. The exception being bears. We didn’t see any bears while we were there. We camped a little south of the parks at a forest service campground right on slide lake, near where the Gross Venture River poured into the lake. The lake gave us the opportunity to go for nice scenic paddles in the evening and cool off after a hot day exploring the parks. As is the case with so many places we go, we were barely able to scratch the surface of what there was to see and do in the greater Yellowstone area. I’m looking forward to stopping here again on our travels in the future. Here are some pictures we got while we were there, mostly of the animals.


There were so many bison we got tired of them after the first day. Amy was still stoked about the little ones though.


If you go to Yellowstone I think it is a requirement to go see old faithful at least once.


On our last day there, on our way out of the park and back to camp, we finally saw a moose. Couldn’t get a very good picture though.


This was our drive back to camp after our first day in the park. You can see Grand Teton in the mirror.


More bison


and more bison


There are hundred of pools and hot springs in Yellowstone. Unfortunately they are all full of fluoride, lead, and arsenic. A few of the hot springs in the area also have high levels of radioactivity.


This big guy was just walking down the road. At least he was considerate enough to keep to the right.


Looking into Yellowstone Canyon. Looks like there is some good paddling down there maybe. We couldn’t get it in the shot from here but I’m standing at the lip of a 300 foot waterfall. There is another 100 footer about 1/2 a mile upstream. Pretty awesome place. I can’t wait to go back.


Teton mountains and wildflowers


The first day we were there, we hiked about 8 or so miles out by where we were camped. Always I want to know, what’s over the next hill?


Our camp site was right by Slide Lake so we went for evening paddles to cool off.


Amy takes the Loki out for a sunset paddle on the lake.


sunset on the lake

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