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I’m Going Kayaking, but I Can’t Decide Which Shoes I Should Wear.

Life is a never ending series of choices. Where will I kayak today? Which boat will I paddle? Is it a dry suit day? As kayakers we face these difficult decisions more often than we might like. Deciding what to wear any given day on the river is perhaps the most vexing question facing paddlers today. After all, it’s not about how good you are but how good you look doing it. Continue reading


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Winter Solstice and Hibernation

This time of year is known for leaves changing, the harvest, and the days getting shorter. Years ago our ancestors spent the fall preparing in order to survive the winter. Today we don’t have to worry so much about if we are going to make it through winter, but I think, at least for my part, we are still genetically programmed to respond to the shortening of the days. Continue reading

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