Winter Solstice and Hibernation

This time of year is known for leaves changing, the harvest, and the days getting shorter. Years ago our ancestors spent the fall preparing in order to survive the winter. Today we don’t have to worry so much about if we are going to make it through winter, but I think, at least for my part, we are still genetically programmed to respond to the shortening of the days. This time of year for me always leads to wanting to sleep a lot more and just spend more time in my home. My motivation to go on multi day trips or even long day trips is virtually non existent. I find myself perfectly content to sleep in and have a casual float on the SFA despite the fact that other things are running from the fall rains. I think this seasonal pattern to my paddling is pretty handy though. The past couple weekends I’ve been able to catch up with some folks on my home river that I haven’t seen for a while, and I’ve gotten reacquainted with some of my old favorite play spots. I’ve been enjoying doing some really low key paddling the past few weeks, but with about a month to go to the solstice, I am starting to develop cabin fever. I guess that’s part of what I love about living here. We have seasons with the weather. We have seasons with the river traffic. We have seasons with the population and I even have seasons with how motivated I am to fire up harder rapids. I have enjoyed this past few weeks of slower paced activity and am now starting to look forward to the days getting longer again and getting out on some new adventures.  Until we we get to the other side at least I can enjoy some killer views here in the south fork valley.


Sometimes on my way home from work I just have to stop and take in the view. 


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