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Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

Anxiety has been riding shotgun with me the past year on any new run that’s class IV and higher. It has felt debilitating at times and can take the fun out of paddling. It felt impossible to step up my game and take the lead more when I could barely keep from hitting paralysis at the top of a drop. I had to find a way to find a way to step up without completely freaking myself out. Continue reading

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South Silver Carnage

Everybody swims. We all know that. Even more often we all beater a little. We don’t always style every line we attempt but we keep trying and we trust our friends and our gear to bail us out when we are less than successful. Continue reading

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Loon Lake

This past week I had plans to go on a short backpacking trip with my girlfriend. I’ve actually never been on a backpacking trip before and it’s something I intend to change. Late the night before we were planning to … Continue reading

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Middle Fork Feather Edit

Here’s the video to go with my Devil’s Canyon write up from a couple week’s ago. If you missed the story you can find it here… Devil’s Canyon 2017    

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What does it mean to boof? Take a second and write down your answer, or at least think of one in your head and keep it. Got it? Ok, if your answer includes the word “rock,” I’m writing this for you. Continue reading

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Free Style Fundamentals: Stern Squirts

With all this water there are some great places to play on the river. New features and stronger eddy lines make ample opportunities to take your kayak from flat to vertical. The stern squirt is a classic move and still … Continue reading

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Devil’s Canyon 2017

I finally got back into Devil’s Canyon and this time with much better flows and weather conditions which made for a much more enjoyable trip. Continue reading

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California Multi-day Kayaking: Not Just for Class V Paddlers

I’ve been kayaking in the Sierra Nevada Mountain for nine years now, and it is hands down my favorite place to paddle. I’ve seen some amazing rivers with countless more I have yet to explore, and I’ve met some really … Continue reading

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2017: New Year, New Horizon Lines

As 2017 gets underway I have no idea what’s down river. I can’t see over the next horizon line, but what I can say is this. There is nowhere to go but downstream. Continue reading

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2017 Brush Creek Race

The first time I raced at Brush creek was probably five or six years ago and there hasn’t been a race there since until this past weekend. The southern end of the Sierras were hit hard by the California drought, … Continue reading

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