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Three Easy Ways to Keep in Paddling Shape During the Off Season

I’ve met kayakers who could not paddle for a year or even longer and then one day roll off the couch and do some of the hardest class V runs around. For most of us however, that is not the … Continue reading

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Gear Review: G Form Elbow Pads

Elbow pads are that piece of gear that you never really think you need until you smack the crap out of your elbow. For me, it’s usually my boat that I hit my elbows on and more when I’m playboating … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Stop Buying Your Gear From the Internet

More and more it seems everyone I know orders their kayak gear off the internet. It’s not just kayak gear. People buy everything online these days. I’m surprised to see that there are still stores that you can walk into. I’m not sure what they are for really. I don’t know how much longer it will be until there are no more stores and we just order everything from our computers. Who wants to go outside anyway? Continue reading


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2015 Tobin Race: Stoked to not Win

The title might sound confusing. That’s ok. I meant it to. In this article I want to talk a little about competitive mindset and how I measure success in competition. Last weekend was the Feather River Festival and the Tobin Down River … Continue reading

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2015 Feather River Festival Highlight Reel

This is a short highlight reel of some runs on the NF Feather at last weekends festival. I’m working on a write up with photos that will be up soon. In the meantime check out some funs lines on the river.

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