Ian Janoska on the Poe Canyon section of the NF Feather River in California.


April McEwen flying around in her 9R on the NF Feather River


Brian Ginsberg enjoying a sweet auto boof on the Feather River.


Your’s truly in Poe Canyon. This image taken by Ian Janoska.

IMG_9034 copy

This is the same as the other image I just cropped it a little tighter so we can see Ian better. Which do you prefer, the tight or wide shot?


April McEwen catching some air in her 9R.


April McEwen feeling stoked after a day on the NF American.


I don’t remember who this is. I shot this photo a few months ago on South Silver Creek. I may have even shot it last year. I can’t say for sure.


This was my office for a lot of the summer of 2015. This is the downstream view from the rock where I would sit and shoot raft photos. 


Everybody loves flying the 9R. Jim Addington nails the blue ribbon boof on the Feather River.


My Niece, Elliot Current, looking back at barking dog after running it for the first time. This was her first river trip and the dog is the biggest whitewater she has ever seen at this point. Taking her and her brother and dad down the river was a highlight of the summer for me.


Tobin is such a great place to run hot laps with your friends. 


2 Responses to Photos

  1. Garrett says:

    Cool shots Pete! I think the zoomed out photo of Ian was neat because it gave you a greater sense of the character/scale of the run. It does seem a bit too zoomed out, maybe an in-between crop would be best? Cool blog!


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