Devil’s Canyon, Middle Fork Feather, California



I love the Jed. Here’s why…



Kayaking South Silver Creek



Freestyle How To: Flat Spin



Freestyle How To: Loop



The South Yuba has endless goods. Check out this edit of a run down the summit section.



More South Yuba Goodness. This is a video of the last few rapids on the 49 to Bridgeport section.



This is the highlights video from the first playboat session I’ve had in the Reno WWP in I don’t even know how long.



Found some video from earlier this year on my hard drive, so I made a short boof montage. Enjoy!



So stoked for the release of the new 9R! I can’t wait to get one here in California. Check it out:



Check out the limited edition Demshitz Paddle from Werner:




Here is a little stern cam edit of one of my first runs in the new 3rd degree Burn.



Reno is a prime location for a kayaker to call home. It’s situated within 3 hours of nearly every classic run in California. Flows can be hard to find though around December, but this year we got several days of heavy rain in early December bringing many rivers in the northern Sierras to a raging high level. The flows gave us an opportunity to run the Our House Dam section on the middle Yuba. This section nearly never runs due to the dam and there being no releases. The only way it runs is if there is enough rain to spill over the dam. The next day the Truckee river right here in town was predicted to hit 13,000 cfs. Well it only go to about 4,000 but we had a great day paddling our home town river any way.


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