Freestyle Tour Wrap up



As a traveling kayaker I often find myself looking for a place to camp, a place to shower, a place to hang out and stay out of the rain, and of course a place to paddle. Getting any of those things for free is preferred since we like to travel on the cheap. Kelly’s Whitewater Park may just be the ideal solution at least during the week of the event. This has to be my favorite event of the year. The camping was free, there were free showers, a great play spot and a stout run. As if all that wasn’t awesome enough, the camp spot came with a lodge that had a pool table, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, sauna, and a big screen TV. The people in Cascade treat us like rock stars and always stoked to see us. The Payette River Games in Cascade were the last stop on the freestyle circuit this year. We were sad to leave the great accommodations and awesome river but also happy to be done with the scheduled kayaking and get back to just moving from river to river. After Idaho Amy Craig, Carli and I went to the River Store for a great paddle and BBQ. We found some sweet hot springs along our way and then headed up the coast and spent a couple nights in the redwoods. We are in BC now and headed to skook this afternoon. I have a bunch of pictures from the redwoods and hot springs that I need to get posted and I’m sure there will be a few good shots of skook coming up in the next couple of days. I am getting a little behind but I’ll get them to you as soon as I can. For now here are some good shots from KWP.

IMG_3396 copy

Mary Elliott surfing the top feature at KWP

IMG_3413 copy

IMG_3498 copy

Big Errn getting some air

IMG_3513 copy

IMG_3535 copy

IMG_3557 copy

IMG_3568 copy

IMG_3584 copy

IMG_3595 copy

IMG_3613 copy

IMG_3649 copy

IMG_3652 copy

IMG_3661 copy

IMG_3698 copy

IMG_3704 copy

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