2015: A new year, new adventures

I started this with a trip to Las Vegas. Huh? I know, not the typical outdoor adventure that I would normally write about, but this trip was a little different for me. We only spent a total of maybe two hours doing you typical LV stuff. The main focus of our trip was to photograph an art collection. Those photos are not available yet but if you’re interested send me a message and I’ll keep you posted when they are online. We did pretty well at getting out to explore what outdoors Vegas has to offer. I’ve always been pretty uninterested in going there. I don’t really like the idea of being in such a crowded busy place where everyone is focus on just one thing, money. However, if you take a short ride you can quickly be in a place that is much more to my liking. We explored a little bit of Red Rock and Calico Basin while we were down there. I would have never guessed such a cool place was so close to LV. The best part is, once you get out there you can’t really tell that you are that close to such a big city.

Amy really likes to be photographed in holes in the earth.

Pretty nice views in Calico Basin. It was a bit cloudy when we were there. It was almost hot the next day when we went to Red Rock.

They made me take off my shades for the photo so I’m all squinty. Some how this is better than wearing sun glasses?IMG_0614

Two sisters in another hobbit hole.

Obligatory iPhone selfieIMG_0616

Just as we finished up our hike and were headed back to the car the clouds parted and the sun came out. Better late than never. I really liked the blue sky and the clouds behind the red rocks.IMG_0617

We caught some pretty nice sunsets while we were there. If it weren’t for the pole and power lines it might not be obvious that we were in the middle of suburbia. IMG_0621

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