Back in Business

I haven’t written anything for a few months now. In fact I kind of fell off the map. Even my closest friends were wondering what happened to me. You may have heard rumor or speculation about what happened. Please allow me to fill you in on what you may or may not know or suspect. I caught a not so rare affliction that can really put a damper on anyones kayaking habit. Last February I came down with ……. a job. Just when I thought it would never happen to me, it did. I was putting in 60 hours a week punching the clock from February to July. Having a real job is a strange thing for a kayaker. It is sort of a catch 22. Before I went to work I was running out of money and unable to afford gas to the next put in. After I went to work gas money was a non issue but I’ll be damned if I ever had the time to kayak. Monday through Friday were out for sure and by the time the weekend came, after 60 hours in the office I just wanted to sleep for two days.  I struggled for a while trying to find some kind of balance where I could still do some of the things I loved and just when I thought I was starting to get it figured out, I got laid off. Well, it was a short lived spell of the JOB. Some people get it and can’t get rid of it so I think I’m pretty lucky. I’m excited to have some money in the bank and free time again. Not sure how long it will last this time around but I do know a good way to find out. I have been working on getting back in shape these past couple weeks. It is amazing how fast you can get out of shape sitting at a desk all day.  Despite not having to work any more I am still really busy. I’ve been getting paddle sessions in on the Truckee river and the South Fork American. It might be a bad drought year but there is always something fun to paddle some where. I have been doing classes with Team River Runner more regularly and getting my niece and nephew out kayaking some too.


DCIM100GOPROI liked the way the clouds looked on this particular morning while I was packing for the South Yuba. I managed to get a few runs in Before the water went away.

DCIM100GOPROSome times I try to be artsy with the camera. I’m not sure I succeed that much but I thought this was an interesting photo worthy of sharing. I could have done it a little better but ok for a first go. Maybe I should take a class. (I am not affiliated with Astral, but I do really like these shoes)
DCIM100GOPROI got a lot of days in on the NF American this spring. It ran pretty consistently for a while. Great training ground for newer paddlers looking to step up or playground for experienced paddlers.
DCIM100GOPRO Dylan and I spent a day trying to film some Loki action for the River Store to use on their in store big screen. I’m not sure it worked out that well though. I have a thing about cameras. If I know you’re filming me I will fall apart. Got Dylan out on the river for the day though so that was a win. I have really been loving the Loki. I have been using it as my river runner for a few months now and it is fantastic. I think my Jed might be getting jealous.

DCIM100GOPROI got a little to high and dry on the spin rock at the top of the Floriston rapid but it made a cool spot to get a photo from. I love having this gem 20 minutes from my house.
DCIM100GOPRO I’ve been doing some mountain biking with my dog-in-law lately. Trying to get some cardio conditioning back and let’s face it, running sucks.

photo 4 Well it might have taken a job for few months to get me here but I am soooo stoked to be back in the Sierras. These are my favorite mountains anywhere.

IMG_0412 We had a great weekend on the river with the River Store doing free clinics with Team Pyranha. Afterwards we got to enjoy some tanning by the pool courtesy of John and Brandy Rogie.

IMG_0420 One good thing about drought years is that it forces us to look for other places to kayak. It is easy to get a few places that you really like and just keep going back to them. I am especially guilty of this, but isn’t part of kayaking about seeing new places? Here we are stopping to enjoy the view on our way over to the Tiger Creek run on the Moke. It was fun and good to see something new. I also got to paddle the Tunnel Chute run on the MF American courtesy of the drought.

IMG_0424 I spent a day helping out with a sea kayak demo in June. Not a bad way to spend the day at work. I know very little about sea kayaking but I think I need to try it out bit. I think it could be pretty awesome. I have for years now wanted to do a multiday self support out of sea kayak going up the coast.

IMG_1913This was earlier today. My nephew, Fisher (6, pictured), and niece, Elliot (10), ran their very first stouts. They were stoked to take on the rapids of the mighty Truckee River. Like any enthusiastic youngsters, they wanted to learn how to surf the waves. We spent a good deal of our afternoon paddling into the wave, flipping, swimming, and self rescuing. They had a ball and have no idea that they spent the day learning a solid foundation of basic skills for years of boating to come.

DCIM100GOPRO Spent a day last week paddling on Tahoe. The lake is oddly warm this summer. I’m not sure it is a good thing but I can’t lie, I do prefer the warmer version of Tahoe. It was such a beautiful day. The water is so clear. I was planning to take the kids up there tomorrow for some kayaking but I think they want to go to the river because “there’s no rapids at Tahoe.”

DCIM100GOPRO I want to take a snorkel and fins to the lake. Look how clear this is.

I really want to start doing more teaching. I am working on putting together a schedule for some clinics. If you’re reading this and are interested in improving your skills send me an email at I offer instruction on fundamentals of freestyle, advanced river running/intro to creek boating, and basic strokes. Group rates can be negotiated.

As always thanks for reading. I look forward to providing you more photos to help get through that daily grind. I know I needed it when I was there. Hope to see you on the river.









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